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When Tooth Extractions Become Inevitable

The desire would have been to hold on to original teeth for as long as you live. Unfortunately, the reality is that no matter how minor or complex, tooth extraction baton rouge work becomes inevitable. This inevitability usually occurs for those who have reached a mature age. It is to be expected that no matter how you have looked after your teeth and gums, age-related decay will inevitably set in.

Of course, it happens a lot sooner to those who choose not to look after their teeth and gums through not regularly brushing and flossing like they were supposed to. These are the specific reasons that dentists have outlined for necessary tooth extractions. Apart from tooth decay, factors that influence the removal of what was once good teeth include dental trauma, irreversible tooth disease and dental crowding.

This refers to an inconsistency between tooth size and jaw size. This occurs when there is a misalignment of the row of teeth owing to large teeth, small jaws and even both. Dental trauma refers to the injury of teeth. When irreversible tooth disease occurs, far too much damage has been done to the tooth. The tooth basically becomes dead. But it is possible to rescue such a tooth. This will be done by applying a crown restoration or root canal procedure.

tooth extraction baton rouge

When dental trauma occurs, damage is done to the gums, alveolar bone and soft tissues. These soft tissues include the lips and tongue. And when dental crowding occurs, the dentist is still able to give his patient a choice. Attempting to rescue the tooth. Or remove it altogether and replace it with an implant or denture fixture. While you are still young, do your utmost best to restore your hygienic practices of brushing and flossing.