substance abuse treatment conway sc

Treatment For Substance Abuse Just A Call Away

He who procrastinates…are you familiar with how this wise philosophy ends? Basically it ends up being a case of losing out. And for those who continue to put off dealing with their substance abuse problems, their lives could get a lot worse, perhaps even dangerously so. It needs to be understood that it is never easy to make that call for help. But do it now while you still can. A first consultation at the substance abuse treatment conway sc center is just a call away.

Fear not. Your secret substance abuse problem is not about to be let out of the bag. Your on the line therapist is sworn to handle your distress call with the utmost discretion and sensitivity. You are her patient, and if she is a registered and qualified medical practitioner then she may have taken the Hippocratic Oath as well. Should the treatment need to go any further, no third party, your employer for instance, needs to know.

Or poke his head into business that is not his to know. Unless of course, the employer in question has made the call to the substance abuse treatment center. This is controversial, to say the least. Your rights as a private individual have been shattered. But at the same time, your livelihood may be spared. Rather than firing you on the spot, your employer chooses to make that call. A call you should have made a long time ago.

substance abuse treatment conway sc

You need to be careful out there. A random drug test on the spot that turns out positive can get you fired on the spot, even if you were ‘only’ guilty of smoking weed for recreational or ‘medical’ purposes. Assume that it was the latter, make sure that you have the proper documentation to hand.